If you are passing along Highway 10 in Flesherton, you might observe that the space between the coffee shop and the tattoo parlour has been painted. This is a direct result to a local survey taken last year in which participants were asked what occupied the space between the two buildings. The response to the question was as follows:
1) A parking lot 37%
2) A potential crematorium 17%
3) A condemned building 15%
4) A store which sold edible dandelion products 9%
5) A Black Hole 7%
6) A meth lab 6%
7) The place where Covid started 4%
The Flesherton Flat Earth Society Main Office 3%
9) A bookstore 2%
Because of my keen ability in interpreting data, I realized that an entire marketing campaign needed to be in place, or we would indeed live up to our motto as being “The Best Little Used Bookstore You’ve Never Been In.” An extensive search began for a designer to reimagine our storefront, and after an exhaustive process, a candidate was chosen. Among his many accomplishments were a chain of ice cream parlours in Florida, a couple of independent candy stores in Saskatchewan, and a string of brothels in Amsterdam. I knew I was dealing with a genuine artist. He had to be good. He was on the internet.
The fruits of his imagination are now complete. The storefront is now painted, and we are ready to let the world know that there is a bookstore in Flesherton. At least, the other 98%. All that remains is to add some key accents and to put up the sign again. After that, there are sure to be literary pilgrimages from all over the country (sorry, I meant to type “county”). Devices will be abandoned in the street in favour of the printed word. Netflix will be forced to shut down and schools will alter their curriculum to embrace the subversive new technology found between two covers.
I will keep you updated on these developments as they occur. And by the way, meetings for “The Flesherton Flat Earth Society” will now be held in the store on Thursday evenings. Its members were always getting the address wrong anyway and standing outside after hours. I’m hoping it might create a little traffic.